South Florida After-School All-Stars


Program Pillars and Cornerstones

Program Pillars

Our programs provide a comprehensive after-school experience by ensuring that:

SFASAS’ academic programs utilize certified teachers to provide homework assistance, test preparation and individualized tutoring in core subjects such as English and Math. Our programs allow children to explore their passions, learn new skills and participate in fun, experiential, enrichment activities. Classes are often taught by professionals in their respective fields, which include art, debate, filmmaking, student government, journalism, dance, cooking fashion design and entrepreneurship.

Each day, SFASAS provides a safe and structured environment for youth to participate in athletic activities like soccer, volleyball, basketball, and hiking. Trained staff members use research-based curricula to teach students about the importance of nutrition and health & fitness.

Program Cornerstones – each chapter incorporates the following elements to ensure quality experiences:

  • Physical and Emotional Safety – Our staff ensures that all students feel secure and welcomed on campus, comfortable, and respected in their interactions with peers so they can fully focus on their activities.
  • Caring Youth Adult Relationships – We pride ourselves on the close knit, caring relationships we create between staff and students.
  • Student Voice and Choice – The key to our success is giving students the opportunity to let staff know what activities they want to participate in, and are empowered to take on leadership roles in the planning process.
  • Intentional Skill Building – Students have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills that are relevant to their lives and which they otherwise may not have the chance to experience.
  • Community and Family Engagement – Connecting students and their families with experiences and resources in their local community is a major priority.
  • Strong School Partnerships – All of our program staff work closely with local schools, principals, teachers and administrators to ensure a coordinated learning experience for our youth.